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All right.  I'm finally going to try a little vegetable gardening.

After having great luck with plants during high school, I went through a period in which I killed pretty much everything I tried to grow.  This time period coincided with living in a dim apartment complex, so the poor light quality might have had something to do with it.

Now things are better.  I managed to save one of my boyfriend's rootbound houseplants after it's root system was burned by a mistaken overdose of chemical fertilizer.  The little pot of basil I bought a few months ago is still thriving after a fall move indoors.  I got a fern for the bathroom (they like the humidity) and the little fellow is doing great.

I'm going to start simple.  Container gardening on the patio, so as not to disturb my landlord by tearing up the yard.  A container of mixed lettuce and a pot or two of tomatoes.  Lettuce and tomatoes are both vegetables that are much cheaper and much, much tastier when homegrown.  Lettuce apparently likes things cloudy and damp, so I can plant it as soon as the winter frosts are over.  Tomatoes come a little later in the spring.

Still trying to decide whether to buy self-watering containers or build them myself.  I might build one for the tomatoes and buy one for the lettuce, as the particular size of the containers needed for the lettuce might be difficult to scavenge.

Any gardening tips?

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